Faisal Masjid in Pakistan
Faisal Masjid in Pakistan

What is a Masjid?

Masjid is an Arabic word which means mosque in the English language. A masjid is a place where Muslims perform prayers and worship Allah subhanahu wata'ala.

What do Muslims do in a Masjid?

In a masjid, Muslims pray five times a day following an Imam (person who leads the prayer) facing in the direction of the Kaaba in Makkah. Before each prayer, the Azaan (call to prayer) is said by a Muazzin (person who calls for prayer). Muslims stand side-by-side to perform prayers irrespective of their race, wealth or social status.

The Jumah and other special prayers

On every Friday (Jumah) afternoon, a special prayer is held in masajid (plural of masjid) called The Jumah. Other special prayers are also held in the masajid such as the Eid prayers and Taraweeh (performed every night in Ramzaan).

The most holiest masajid

The most holiest masjid is Masjid-ul-Haram (The Sacred Mosque) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This masjid is also called the Kaaba.

The second most holiest masjid is Masjid-ul-Nabawi (The Prophet's Mosque) in Madina, Saudi Arabia. The original Masjid-ul-Nabawi was built by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Over time it was expanded and decorated by later Muslim rulers. The Prophet peace be upon him himself and two of his companions, Abu Bakr radi allahu anhu and Umar radi allahu anhu, are buried there.

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