Cover of Kitab-At-Tawheed
Cover of Kitab-At-Tawheed

Whoever seeks blessing through a tree, a stone, or the like

Allah the Most Exalted said:

Have you then considered AI-Lat and Al-'Uzza (the two idols of the pagan Arabs). And Manat (another idol of the pagan Arabs), the other third?


At-Tirmidhi reported and declared as Sahih (sound), that Abu Waqid Al-Laithi (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

We went out with Allah's subhanahu wata'ala Messenger peace be upon him on the campaign to Hunain while we had just left disbelief (Kufr) for Islam. The Mushrikin had a Sidra (lote-tree) that they would stay there and hang their arms on, called Dhat Anwat. When we passed a Sidra, we asked, "O Messenger peace be upon him of Allah subhanahu wata'ala, won't you make for us another Dhat Anwat just like their Dhat Anwat?" Allah's subhanahu wata'ala Messenger peace be upon him said, "Allahu Akbar (Allah subhanahu wata'ala is the Most Great)! By the One (Allah subhanahu wata'ala) who holds my soul in His hand, verily these are the ways of earlier nations, you have said exactly as Bani Israel said to Musa alaihissalam: 'Make for us a god just as their gods.' "He said: " 'Verily you are a people who know not.' (7:138) Certainly you will follow the ways of those who went before you."

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