Muslim Baby Boys Names

Click on a letter to list all Muslim baby boys names beginning with that letter or to search for a particular name, enter the name in the text box and click on the search button.

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MoeenHelper; Supporter
MohsinBenefactor; One who shows favour
MoizOne who honours
MominBeliever; One of the names of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
MuawiyahA young fox.
MuazzamHonoured; Glorified
MubarakBlessed; Fortunate
MubashirBringer of good news
MubeenClear; Plain
MudassirWrapped in; Enveloped; One of the names of Muhammad peace be upon him
MuftiInterpreter of Shariah
MuhafizGuardian; One who protects
Muhammad peace be upon himPraised; Praiseworthy
MuhazzabPolite; Well mannered
MujahidOne who struggles or fights in the way of Islam.
MujeebAnswerer; Replier
MujtabaChosen; Selected
MukarramRespected; Honoured
MumtazDistinguished; Superior
MunawwarIlluminated; Brilliant
MuneebOne who turns to Allah subhanahu wata'ala seeking repentance
MuneerShining; Bright
MunsifJust; Fair
MuqtadiFollower; One who follows an Imam during communal prayer
MurshidLeader; One who guides
MurtazaChosen one; Title of Hazrat Ali [raa]
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